Northland Spirits

We love it here. From grain to glass, everything at Northland Spirits is homegrown in our home state of Minnesota. Our grains are grown by organic Minnesota farmers from the prairies of western Minnesota. Our vodka is distilled in Benson, Minnesota, within 30 miles of the organic farms on which our corn is grown. It’s bottled right here in the Twin Cities. And, Northland is locally owned, which means everything stays in our community because our founders are all born, raised and reside in Minnesota. And more importantly, because 5% of our profits support local Minnesota community hockey programs, Northland Vodka helps to enrich one of Minnesota’s cherished traditions.

Northland Vodka

Northland Vodka began with the aspiration to create an uncompromising premium vodka that’s purpose is to give back to the State of Minnesota. We started with organic corn grown by farmers in the prairies of western Minnesota. Organic farming takes time, and is more expensive, but avoids harsh chemicals and GMOs. The resulting organic corn is naturally gluten-free and provides the perfect start to a clean and pure spirit. Currently, we can’t technically say that our vodka is “organic,” but we’re working on that. And, we’ll be sure to let you know once we’re fully organic certified. We distill our vodka in Benson, Minnesota, within 30 miles of the farms that grow our organic corn. The vodka travels over to St. Louis Park where it’s additionally filtered, bottled and ultimately shipped to your local store.

Availability: Year round