In a world full of unnatural, sugar-flavored malt/alcohol drinks we want to be DIFFERENT!  So, we set out to make a great tasting, BERRER-FOR-YOU beverage, that can be enjoyed and shared with the world.  Quality NATURAL ingredients are important to us.

CoCo Vokda –  Spirit

CoCo Vodka is where it all began.  If you are looking for a refreshing drink, look no further.  Once you crack open the can, instantly you are taken away by the soft smell of Coconut.  When you taste it…it’s love at first sip.  Coco Vodka combines FRESH Coconut water with Triple Distilled Vodka, and then finishes smoothly with the refreshing twist of Sparkling Water. Serve chilled and you will be HOOKED in all the right ways

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5%

CoCo Rum – Spirit

CoCo Rum is just as UNIQUE and refreshing as it’s partner CoCo Vodka.   NOW in our NEW BLUE CAN and 4PACK COCO Case!!  Coco Rum combines FRESH Coconut Water with smooth Premium White Rum, and then finishes smoothly with the refreshing twist of Sparkling Water. Drink chilled from the can, or pour over ice with a splash of Pineapple Juice.  Taste the #VacationINaCAN with CoCo Rum

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5%