San Miguel Brewery

San Miguel is the largest beer producer in the Philippines, with a market share of over 95% as of 2008. It has five breweries spread across the country producing eight beer brands, led by its flagship brand San Miguel.
The original San Miguel Brewery was founded in 1890 in Philippines. Later renamed as San Miguel Corporation (SMC) in 1963, it has grown into one of the Philippines’ largest business conglomerates with interests in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, packaging, power, oil and telecommunications. Popular beers are San Miguel, Cerveza Negra, and Red Horse.

San Miquel – Premium Lager

San Miguel Pale Pilsen has a slight hoppy note with a distinct bitter hop character. It has a well-balanced medium body and is smooth on the palate with a pleasant clean finish.

Availability: Year round • ABV:5.0% • IBU:19

San Miq Light – Low Calorie Pale Pilsen

The Philippine’s first and only low-calorie beer. It has the same refreshing, full-flavored taste and alcohol content of the nation’s favorite brew, San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Availability: Year round • ABV:5.0% • IBU:19

Cerveza Negra – Dark Lager

Cerveza Negra, the original dark beer of the Philippines is a full bodied dark lager with a balance of moderate bitterness and straight forward aromas. It exhibits pleasant, sweet roasted malt bouquets that extend to the palate. It pours with a creamy, frothy head showing excellent lacing.

Availability: Year round • ABV:7.0% • IBU:19

Red Horse

Red Horse is your go to #1 Extra Strong malt lager. Its taste is as unique as its drinker. Red Horse Beer is a deeply hued lager with distinctive and hoppy impressions. Red Horse is balanced by smooth bitterness, which leads to a full, slightly warm and well-rounded mouth feel.

Availability: Year round • ABV:7.0% • IBU:10