Keweenaw Brewing Company

The “KBC”, as it’s referred to by the locals, is a microbrewery, as such, no food is served. As a microbrewery, we sell our beer wholesale (across Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota) and in our taproom. The KBC taproom is located smack in the middle of historic downtown Houghton. Its rustic barn-wood interior welcomes all with cozy, homey comfort. A large fireplace area, outfitted with couches and footrests, completes the inviting scene.
For the truly obsessed, the fragrance of hops, the heat from the kettles of our 16 bbl brewing system, offer further reasons to venture this far north for a visit. Our beers change with the seasons. We always offer our six core ales: Pick Axe Blonde, Red Jacket Amber, Lift Bridge Brown, November Gale Ale, and Widow Maker Black and Olde Ore Dock Scottish

November Gale Pale Ale

A golden pale ale, this beer has medium malt character, assertive hop flavor and bitterness with a distinctive fruity aroma and citrus finish.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5.1% • IBU: 12

Old Ore Dock – Scottish Ale

A traditional Scottish ale, this darker beer focuses on malt color and flavor with hops being almost imperceptible. This ale, aged with American Red Oak, finishes crisp and a wee bit sweet.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5.1% • IBU: 12

Pick Axe – Blond Ale

The lightest in our family of ales, a true single malt. Refreshing to taste, gorgeous to look at and a great introduction to the extraordinary world of craft-brewed Michigan beers. This light golden ale comes with a distinctive malt flavor and just a kiss of hops.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 4.9% • IBU: 8

Red Jacket – Amber Ale

Medium bodied and lightly hopped, this classic Oktoberfest-style ale is brewed in tribute to the Red Jacket Mine of what is now Calumet and to the glory days of the copper industry in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5.0% • IBU: 13

Widow Maker – Black Ale

A robust, full bodied stout. Rich creamy and smooth with low hop bitterness. Malt flavor abounds with toasted caramel, hints of chocolate, and notable oak finish.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 5.2%