The 160-year legend of Gluek beer.  Our history is an immigration story, an American story and a bit of a love story, too.
Founded in 1857 one year before Minnesota is declared a state.  Immigrant Gottlieb Gluek brings his native German brewing techniques to life in the Midwest.  His family and childhood sweetheart join him to help run the brewery.

Cream Ale

This smooth, all-day drinker is traditionally brewed and gluten-reduced to less than 10ppm. A light-bodied beer, well balanced with a blend of malt, corn and hops that provides a clean finsih.

Availability: Year Round • ABV: 4.6%

Pilsener Pale Lager

Crisp, lean lager beer brewed with select 2-row and Munich malts and balanced with traditional Saaz hops for a delicate bitterness. Gluten reduced to less 10ppm.

Availability: Year round • ABV: 4.7%