Uncle John’s Cider

In 1918 our family built the Fruit House as a place to store and package fresh fruit for the wholesale market. We specialized in apples, but also grew peaches, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. Mike Beck (Uncle John’s Son), has been making fresh cider for as long as he can remember. He has always believed that the next step in making fresh juice was to turn it into hard cider! In 2003, with the help of a Federal Value Added Agricultural grant, he and his wife Dede, converted the barn again, and is now the home of Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery & Uncle John’s Hard Cider.

Flight Box – Hard Cider

Core 4-pack – Apple, Blueberry, Cherry & Pear.  Can’t Decide?  Take a sample with one of each core flavor!

Availability: Year-Round • ABV:6.5%

Perry- Heritage Series – Semi Sweet Hard Cider

A fragrant Perry that is fruit forward with hints of melon and a buttery finish.   100%  Bartlet pears, no apples involved.  Highly awarded in the world.

Availability: Year Round • ABV:5%

Apple – Dry Hard Cider

Full-flavored, crisp and refreshing.  This cider is drier, appeals to white wine and seasoned cider drinkers.  This flagship cider is highly-awarded and perfectly balanced.

Availability: Year-Round • ABV:6.5%

Apple Cherry – Semi Sweet Hard Cider

A sweet/tart blend of our Flagship Apple, blended with tart cherry juice.  This blush is fresh and clean.

Availability: Year-Round • ABV:6.5%

Apple Pear – Medium Hard Cider

A softer blend, made from our Flagship Apple, blended with Perry (100% Bartlet pears).  Light and fresh with a perfect balance.  A great festival cider!

Availability: Year-Round • ABV:6.5%

Apple Blueberry – Sweet Hard Cider

Our sweetest cider, but not too sweet.  The balance of our Flagship Apple, blended with sweet blueberry juice makes it very easy on the palate.  Perfect for new cider drinker.

Availability: Year-Round • ABV:6.5%

Apple Apricot-Medium Hard Cider

This sweeter take of our Flagship Apple blended with apricot juice makes a refreshing cider.  Makes a great mimosa or cider cocktail!

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

Apple Cranberry- Semi Dry Hard Cider

A sweet/tart blend of our Flagship Apple with the addition of cranberry juice.   It is a perfect cider for the fall and winter holidays.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

Raspberry Rose- Semi Sweet Hard Cider

Blending our Flagship Apple with raspberry juice makes a clean, crisp refreshing cider with enough tartness to round it out.  Beautiful color and easy to drink.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

Strawberry Lavender- Semi Sweet Hard Cider

A sweeter blend of our Flagship Apple with the addition of strawberry juice and light lavender notes.  A summer favorite!

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

Blossom Blend – Medium Hard Cider

A cider built to celebrate the orchard in bloom.  A perfect blend of our Flagship Apple, blood orange, hone & grapefruit.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

 Sidra De Tepachi- Medium Hard Cider

We combine our Flagship Apple and sweeten it with pineapple juice, piloncillo sugar and then season it with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves.  A great belnd of citrus & spice, inspired by the tasty drink made by street vendors in Mexico City.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%

Sweet Peach- Sweet Hard Cider

A light, refreshing cider made by blending our Flagship Apple and peach juice.  This cider is sweet, but not too sweet.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.5%