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Nectar Creek

Nectar Creek handcrafts session meads and barrel-aged meads using the bounty of quality ingredients the Pacific Northwest provides. We combine pure Oregon honey, water and yeast to create a refreshing and one-of-a-kind experience.

Check out our selection of Nectar Creek ciders below!

Brood – Raspberry Session Mead

“When spring has sprung, the brood become bees.” Juicy raspberries and Oregon honey meld to bring a mildly tart and crisp sweetness to this unmistakable session mead with brilliant taste and color.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.2%

Chicory – Session Mead

Pure Oregon chicory honey is created by bees gathering nectar from the bright blue chicory fields of the Willamette Valley. This truly unique session mead highlights the single floral source honey and its subtle spicy and earthy character

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:5.0%

Festoon – Hibiscus Session Mead

“A busy bee is but one link in the festoon”
Crimson Hibiscus flowers, Oregon honey and Oregon-grown blue plums make the season merrier in this delicious and tart session mead.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:5.8%

Sting – Ginger Session Mead

“Fear not the sting, for a bee would much rather do another thing”
Fresh ginger and pure Oregon honey combine for a sting of warmth and a tease of sweetness in this refreshing session mead.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.2%

Waggle – Wildflower Session Mead

The Wildflower Session Mead captures the essence of the Willamette Valley and the complexity of honey. Aromas and flavors of ripe fruit and fresh honeycomb ignite the senses in every sip. Indulge in one of the greatest gifts our fertile valley has to offer.

Availability: Seasonal • ABV:6.2%