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Maiden Rock Cidery

Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery is located in Stockholm, WI. Started by Herdie Wiersma and His wife Carol the winery started as a hobby. He started as a homebrewer with the purchase of a wine starter kit around 2002. Several years before then, however, Herdie and his wife Carol Wiersma had purchased an 80-acre farm outside the village of Stockholm, Wisconsin, to establish an apple orchard.

The apple varieties they planted included a number that are more often grown in southwestern England and were suitable for the production of hard cider and wine. Since then they have been producing some of the best ciders and wines in the country. There ciders often sell out and consumers have to wait for another batch!

Check out our selection of Maiden Rock ciders below!

Honeycrisp Hard – Natural Semi-Dry Hard Cider

Like the apple that is its namesake, Honeycrisp Hard™ apple cider is distinctive, snappy and sassy. It tickles the palate with a crescendo of subtle flavors and a crisp, lingering finish. 6.8% alcohol by volume. 12-oz (355 ml) Bottles.

Availability: Limited/Year-round

Scrumpy –  Semi-Dry Sparkling Cider

This classic cider is crafted in the farmhouse tradition of southwestern England . Fresh pressed juices of sweet, bitter, aromatic, & tart apples are blended to provide a tantalizing parade of distinctive taste experiences. Because less of the apple is filtered out, it is full of flavor, more robust, darker & cloudier than most ciders. 6.8% alcohol by volume. 12-oz (355 ml) Bottles.

Availability: Limited/Year-round

Dolgo Crabapple – Semi-Sweet Table Wine

This distinctive wine is crafted with luscious Dolgo Crabapples and blushed with succulent Frontenac and Sabrevois grapes, all grown in the Upper Mississippi River Valley of Wisconsin. The combination explodes with a crescendo of crisp, tart flavors and satisfies with a lingering finish. 10% alcohol by volume. 750 ml Bottles.

Availability: Limited/Year round