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2 Towns Ciderhouse

Three childhood friends—living in 2 different towns—banded together with meager savings, a love of craft brewing and cider to launch 2 Towns Ciderhouse. This trinity seeks to advance the cider craft industry through mixing both old and new cider techniques and experimentation. Over 10,000 square feet of brewing goodness.

2 Towns Ciderhouse has now begun a three year project that will add 700 new cider apple trees per year to their new orchards. Located along the banks of the Willamette River, the views are as beautiful as the fruit is delicious!

Check out our selection of 2 Towns ciders below!

The Bad Apple – Semi-Dry, Bold & Complex Apple

Hand crafted in Oregon with all Northwest ingredients, The Bad Apple is a rich & bold cider with notes of fruit and vanilla. This complex cider is aged on brandy-cured Oregon White Oak. The Bad Apple is surely a cider to savor.

Availability: Year round • ABV:10.5%

The BrightCider – Semi Sweet Hard Apple Cider

Hand crafted in Oregon with all Northwest ingredients, The BrightCider features a light and refreshing apple flavor. Hints of sweetness and a crisp finish round out this easy drinking cider.

Availability: Year round • ABV:6%

Ginja Ninja

Tropical and exotic, the Ginja Ninja’s training is complete when raw ginger root collides with Northwest apples to deliver a balance of sweet and spicy. Made with Whole Ginger Root.

Availability: Year round • ABV:6%

Outcider – Unfiltered Hard Cider

Rugged and fresh, OutCider isn’t afraid of taking the trail less traveled. Jonagold apples are pressed, fermented, and left unfiltered, so you can experience their raw character

Availability: Year round • ABV:5%